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AV Systems Design and Installation



AV Systems

Design & Installation

Midwest Systems and Services provides consulting, design, integration, installation and testing services for businesses and facilities in need of high quality, easy to use, sound and video systems.

Our experts will design a system to meet your needs. Systems can range from modest background music systems for restaurants and retail stores, to more complex systems which integrate sound, projection, computers, networks, displays, video, and wireless control, with a variety of media players and content sources.

We offer a full range of commercial audio and video equipment including portable sound, wireless microphone systems, mixers, amplifiers, speakers, cables, LCD projectors and screens, and plasma TV's. We are a proud supplier of Bose, JBL, QSC and TOA products.

Highly cost-effective, custom systems can be designed and installed for a wide range of applications, for example:

  • Sports Bars
  • Health Clubs & Spas
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Community Centers
  • Museums
  • Houses of Worship
  • Theaters & Auditoriums
  • Lecture Halls


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