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You can work a lifetime building your business. Make sure you spend enough time choosing the right security system to watch over it. When it comes to protecting the safety of your business and the people who depend on you, look to a security system from Midwest Systems & Services, Inc.

Security & CCTV Products

Retail businesses today are faced with many challenges. Among them, not only the need to manage multiple store locations, but also to fight a shrinkage problem from theft.

Criminals often target buildings and facilities when they see there is no monitoring – perceived to be an easy target. However, the very presence of CCTV cameras is enough to deter potential criminals and prevent their action at the outset.

Video Systems & Surveillance

Our high-quality video surveillance products, which give you the ability to view and record events to multiple areas of your facility, are an ideal way to provide security, view the proper placement of product displays, and monitor employee work habits. Video surveillance can protect your employees and assets, control shrinkage, lower your liability and insurance payments, and help you make informed security and business management decisions.

Monitoring Your Business 24/7

Your alarm system will be monitored by a central station, which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly skilled operators trained to respond to emergencies. Should a burglary, or other emergency ocrur, security professionals contact you to verify alarms before sending help. Emergency personnel can be quickly summoned to you.

Benefits of CCTV and Video Surveillance

Extended Video Archive

Extended Video Archive

Our extended video archive will let you choose your duration of storage days of continuous recording.

Recover Lost Revenue

Recover Lost Revenue

Add to your bottom line by reducing theft from shoplifters and internally from employees.

Daily Reports

Daily reports let you know how much was sold, product costs and other operational data.

Message from Anywhere

Manage from Anywhere

With the right service, equipment, and broadband connection, you can manage your stores from anywhere. See, hear, talk to, and receive data from every location.


Say goodbye to multiple vendors and equipment sources. Midwest Systems & Services, Inc. has done the homework for you. Our experts will custom design a system just for you. We work with top equipment sources and stand behind what we sell before, during and after the sale. In fact, our average client has been doing business with us for over 20 years. Find out what solutions can help your business.

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