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Messaging Systems



Messaging Systems

Hundreds of businesses nationwide subscribe to our messaging services. We offer on premise or remote access messaging units. Messaging can be used in a retail or store environment, at outdoor locations such as gas stations or on-hold messaging to convey information about upcoming specials or promotions.

Midwest Systems & Services Inc., understands that achieving the right brand voice is essential to your business. We create message campaigns that are persuasive, powerful and engaging.

Your Message
Once we know what you want to say, we use our understanding of your brand to determine how you want to say it. Your brand voice conveys a distinct image, energy and style. Professional, friendly or casual? Upbeat, relaxed or down home and personal? The way your voice is delivered says everything about who you are and brings your voice campaign to life.

The Script
Writing is an art. Our team of creative writers has the talent and experience to write messages that communicate everything you want to say in a style that captures the brand voice of your business. From original concept to final product, our professional scriptwriters will work to ensure that the voice of your business is distinct and consistent. You may also write your own script if you prefer.

The Voice
With many professional voice talents, we can provide any style, dialect, accent or language that projects the voice of your business. A clear and accurate read of your messages provides the basis for the ultimate production.

Professional sound technicians and production engineers direct the voicing session, mix your messages with music and carefully master the final recording.

Updating Your Messages
Messaging rotations are available to suit your needs: Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually.



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