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Music Systems



Music Systems

Midwest Systems & Services, Inc. offers a complete music service to fit any business application need. Using digital music we strive to provide the latest technology to our music customers. With over 100 channels of digital music at your fingertips you are sure to find the music of choice for your business environment.

What Can Music Do for Your Business?
You work hard to make everything just right for your customers. Music adds to your customers' experience every time they stop by. Whether classical instruments, the latest tunes, or something more non-traditional, we have the right sound for your business. In addition, we can customize sounds for different sections of your club or restaurant. Our experts will help you design just the right sound for your business.

  • Performance Fees Included
  • Over 100 different music programs
  • Uninterrupted music 24 hours a day
  • Programmable receiver
  • Pure hi-fidelity, digital stereo sound

Music Delivery Options
Research shows that customers will stay in your environment longer and take more interest in your products and services when they're enveloped in a branded audio experience. Backed by years of innovation and proven performance, our media systems offer flexible playback, on-site control, or control from a corporate office. Learn more about our media players and services which include DMX, Music Choice and Play Network.

DMX Music
DMX Music has revolutionized the way people hear music. They combine the artistry and skill with the science of advanced digital technologies to bring an unparalleled experience in music. DMX can offer the perfect fit by offering both network and satellite receivers to fit your needs.

Download Music Guide
MixHits Radio
We've put the fun back into music and started creating a better way to deliver music to your business. Then we created custom crafted, commercial and talk-free stations. For larger retailers we create custom formats and branded radio. We combined a handful of background music veterans with a few internet savvy executives and built our network from the ground up.

Sirius XM Radio
SiriusXM for Business offers the best programming and commercial-grade hardware options.  Simple, affordable, easy-to-install, and backed by a dedicated customer service team.

Play Network

Play Network
Play Network is the leading global provider of creative and customized media solutions for retail, hospitality, health & fitness, banking, and other business environments. You have the ability for complete control of your music and messaging using the client online account. See why Play Network reaches more than 8 million customers daily.  


Channel Guide

Mood Music DBS Channel Lineup for 2020Mood Music Guide Download pdfPlayNetwork XM channel line up
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