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Sound Systems

As a business owner, you want your customers to enjoy their experience during their entire visit. There are many things you can do to enhance the time they spend in your establishment.

In fact, music is deeply connected to our emotions, so playing retail music in your storefront can have a huge impact on the experience your customers have and how they perceive your products or services. It can also have an impact on your employees. Even if you cannot make many changes to the environment around you, background music can help to reduce ambient noise from the outside world and the other customers, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance focus.

What determines the type of sound system you will need?

Midwest Systems & Services specializes in custom designed sound systems to meet your needs. We work with you to determine your needs and expectations. Then we custom engineer and design the right system for you and your business. Our engineers work with some of the top brands in the industry including Bose, JBL and Klipsch.

  • What determines the size of the room–and more specifically, the height of the ceiling. Ceiling height is an advantage. The higher the ceiling the more sound you can get from a single speaker.
  • The volume you need the speakers to project.
  • Your expectations. What do you want your sound system to do?

How many speakers will I need?

A major challenge with with installing a commercial sound system in any kind of business such as a restaurant, bar, gym, etc., is shorting yourself on the amount of speakers you purchase and not paying attention to where they are placed. Music should enhance the experience not over-take it.

One key indicator however, are the ceiling lights. If you have pinspot lighting in the room you wish to install a sound system in, you can gauge that each pinspot light will equal one speaker.

Sometimes using a more expensive speaker can actually save you money. The higher quality speaker can often cover twice as much square footage and therefore reduce both equipment and labor costs for installation.


Say goodbye to multiple vendors and equipment sources. Midwest Systems & Services, Inc. has done the homework for you. Our experts will custom design a system just for you. We work with top equipment sources and stand behind what we sell before, during and after the sale. In fact, our average client has been doing business with us for over 20 years. Find out what solutions can help your business.

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