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ZOOM Nitro®

Drive-Thru Optimization System

The ZOOM Nitro system provides complete visibility into your operation for faster, better service. All-new video detection is an easy add-on that seamlessly expands vehicle tracking to include the pre-menu, pull-forward, and curbside pickup areas. Gain a better understanding of the entire customer journey while keeping your team excited for their next shift with fun contests, awards, avatars, real-time feedback, and Smack Talk. Improving speed of service, increasing car counts, and providing a great customer experience has never been this much fun.

It’s scientifically proven—the desire to achieve drives productivity. Game-based engagement makes work more enjoyable through instant rewards, gratification, motivation, and feedback.

ZOOM Nitro

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All-new video detection enables greater visibility into what’s happening in the drive-thru and at every order pickup location. Plus, integration with multiple POS systems and geofencing technologies provides key data that enables informed decisions to keep your operation moving quickly.

ZOOM Nitro

Put the fun back into the restaurant. Earn prizes and awards for beating the competition and achieving your service goals. Gamification fuels the competitive spirit of every crew member, store manager, and operator.

ZOOM Nitro

How does your store stack up against others? Compare speed-of-service metrics in real time and motivate your team to be the best in your organization.

ZOOM Nitro

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An in-depth view of your entire enterprise at your fingertips. View real-time metrics and historical performance reports for one or all stores anytime, anywhere.


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